erin smego

I make site-specific installations and sculptures which function as a conceptual practice to assay and deconstruct fashion trends. I utilize industrial materials (e.g. lumber, screws, staples) and iridescent skins, navigating current fashion elements, encapsulating relevant culture (say, athleti-leisure) into minimal, angular art objects and installations.

These sculptures and installations range in scale up to as large as thirty feet by thirty feet.

Deconstructing these ready-made materials (bodysuits, sports bras, leggings, make-up bags, etc.) hold inherent implications of a certain vibe, which is relevant in current culture, as well as the implications of the systematic production economics that are in place for “fast fasion” or “High Street” fashion. Deconstructing and stapling these relatable materials in a playful yet minimal manner twists the perspective on what an ideal formal art object should be. Everyday elements implicate intimate ideas about one's self that we project. I heavily consider and gravitate toward gender-neutral or unisex colors to encapsulate these concepts, questioning what that entails. Cerulean iridescent jackets, subtle silver and rainbow leggings, lilac make-up bags, periwinkle cashmere bodysuits, or fuschia vinyl backpacks combine with traditional construction materials to form sculptures that are both masculine, feminine, and neither simultaneously.